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When it comes to design and build quality, few manufacturers can stand up to Haibike. Throughout the E-bike world Haibike has built a strong reputation among riders. So it’s not surprising they have been voted “Best Brand” by E-Mountainbike Magazine 4 years running! (See the numerous other awards here)

Haibike is based in Schweinfurt Germany. All bikes are designed with riding in mind and hand built to the highest standard. They are tested in the real world and constantly developed and refined so that every model year is improved on the last. This means you often find Haibike are ahead of the game with ebike innovation.


5 Year Warranty on the frame. 2 years on the Motor and Battery. 1 year on other components. Excluding wear and tear items specified in the handbook.

In the unlikely event a problem does arise, we handle all warranty claims in house. Give us a call and we will do the rest.

How to navigate the range?

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The Haibike range can be confusing at best, we break it down as follows:

Motor Type: xDuro=Extreme Rider | sDuro=Sporty Rider
Bike Style: Dwnhll=Down Hill | NDURO=Enduro | AllMtn=All Mountain | Trekking = Touring | Cross=Hybrid
Suspension Type
: Hard=Hard Tail (Rigid at rear) | Full=Full Suspension (Both Front & Rear)

Wheels Size: Nine=29″ | Seven=27.5″ | Six=26″ | Plus=27.5+”
Spec Grade: 1.0 (Entry Level) to 10.0 (Top Spec Level). (NB: Not all spec grades available on some models)

Using this formula this bike would breakdown as follows:
Haibike sDuro (Sporty Rider) Full (Full Suspension) Seven (27.5″ Wheel) 10.0 (Top Spec)