Powerbikes workshop

3 years free serciving included with all bikes purchased from us. This is actually 4 services in this time period. We recommend the first service at 300 miles (or 6 weeks) and the second at 1000 miles (or 6 months). And then 12 months intervals thereafter (or 1000 mile intervals, whichever comes first). 
Also, for the first 3 years of ownership we will not charge any labour on the fitting of new parts, only for the parts themselves. e.g. you have done 1000 miles of hard riding and need new brake pads. We will charge for the pads(roughly £15) but not for fitting (£6)

To take advantage of this offer buyers must return their bike to the nearest Powerbikes store for servicing or work to be carried out.



Workshop Pricing

Free Estimates

If parts are sourced and work is completed by Powerbikes.


Minimum Labour Charge £6


Bike Servicing

Basic                                        £50

Basic E-Bike/DI2                      £60

Full/Winter                                £100

Full/Winter E-Bike/DI2              £110


Suspension Servicing

Fork                                           £45

Shock                                        £45

Dropper Post                             £60

Suspension Pivot                      £50 (Starts from) Additional labour costs for seized or multiples higher than 8 pivots.


Tyre Fit – Per Wheel

Normal Tyre & or Inner Tube     £6

Tub                                            £15

Tubeless                                    £15

Tannus                                       £15


Component Service/Fit


Bottom Bracket                          £20

Chainring                                   £15

Hub Service (per hub)                £25

Brake Cables Fit                         £10

Gear Cables Fit                          £15

Bike Clean/De-grease                £20

Hydraulic Bleed (Per Brake)       £20

Headset                                      £20

Tube/Chain/Brake Pad (Pair)      £6

Bartape                                       £15

DI2/E-Tap Fit                              £60

Fork Fit                                       £20




Basic True                                    £15

Wheel Tension                             £20

Spoke Replacement Labour        £30

Wheel Build – Basic                     £45

Wheel Build – High End/Carbon  £60


Bike Build

Basic*                                           £50

Full Suspension or Carbon*         £60

Full Build* – From Scratch           £100

*Free 100 mile tune up


Conversion Kit Fitting

Front Kit                                   £50

Rear Kit                                    £80

Mid Drive                                  £90

Dropout modifications              £10

Other charges may apply



Gears                                       £12

Brakes                                     £12


Insurance Report

For bikes not bought from Powerbikes          £20


Check Over & Sign Off

For those who have built their bike themselves but need a qualified mechanic to sign it off for warranty        £30