Powerbikes Supported schemes

There aren't many better ways to get to work than on an Electric Bike. To help you purchase your new E-Bike there are many Cycle to Work schemes which will help you save up to 42% off your purchase!

We accept many different cycle schemes here at Powerbikes. Below is a list of the most popular ones. If the cycle scheme your employer uses is not on the list please contact us at info@powerbikes.uk as we may still be able to accept it. 

Our preferred cycle scheme provider is The Green Commute Initiative, where you can put the full amount of your E-Bike onto the scheme instead of being limited to only £1000. If your employer has not signed up with a provider yet please visit https://greencommuteinitiative.uk/ they handle most of the paperwork and make the sign up process extremely simple!


For cycle scheme quotes or questions please either drop us an email at info@powerbikes.uk or give us a call on 01946 690900