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It’s that time of year again. New year is upon us and after over indulging at Christmas you stare at the scales wondering how on earth you put on that much? Or is that just me?Too much christmas pudding. Best get out on the e bike - Powerbikes

For many of us the New Year is a time to start again with a bit of a health kick. Trying a new diet or maybe this time sticking to the last one you tried. With so many diet options in the media nowadays it can be hard to figure out which one is right for you. The Paleo diet, Dukan, 5:2, New Atkins, Alkaline and the Cambridge diet just to name a few. Will it work? Is it just a fad? Can I stick to it?
I know I struggle being strict on any kind of diet. I like bad food too much and the 5:2 means fasting for 2 days of the week! Definitely not for me.

Eating right is only part of the answer to a healthier self. Many people forget about the exercise needed to slim down, tone up or lose weight. How many people do you know who have tried multiple diets with minimal results? Did they exercise at all?

The problem with exercise is unless you are a fitness fanatic or heavily into a sport, it’s not always enjoyable. So, less people stick to it and end up going back to their default position sat on the couch.

What exercise is enjoyable?

Walking, cycling, swimming, football? That depends on the person. We are all different, with different interests, fitness levels, abilities, disabilities and needs. For example, I enjoy running but this is high impact on joints so no good if you have any knee or hip problems as it will agitate them. One form of exercise I am going to talk to you about is E-Biking. I will also address a few misconceptions of an e bike.

Isn’t that cheating?

Well, no. You are getting out, moving your muscles and elevating your heart rate. Much better than sitting at home on the couch. Besides, what rules are you cheating?

Health research shows that riding an electric bike is not ‘cheating’ or ‘lazy’ and is in fact classed as moderate exercise. Adults are recommended to achieve 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity on five or more days per week. Riding a power assisted electric bicycle i.e. pedalling with assistance comes within this classification [1].

Doesn’t it do all the work for you?

Again, another common misconception. E-bikes are designed to assist you and not take over the work completely. With varying levels of assist this can help you climb a hill or just get to the shops on it. Depending on your fitness you may want to rely on the higher assistance levels available. Once your fitness improves you can adjust it to suit.

Why would I choose an E Bike over a normal bike?

Raleigh Strada Traditional bike vs Raleigh Strada Electric Bike - PowerbikesI know many people who bought a bike with the intention of using it to get fit but used it only a couple of times before it was abandoned in the garage. Why? Unless you are an avid cyclist then cycling doesn’t always stir up the feeling of fun. Personally, I hate hills and headwinds. The two worst things about cycling (in my opinion) and it puts people off.

Now imagine you could get all the benefits and enjoyable things about cycling with none of the bad bits?

This is where e-bikes come in.

Being able to fly up a hill making you feel like you are super human! Easy, just set it to Maximum Assist and away you go. No more turning red and struggling for breath or having to get off and push. This means even going uphill can be fun! An e bike makes exercise enjoyable. So much so that you often don’t realise that is what you are doing.

The E Bike Grin

Something that anyone who owns an electric bike will be able to tell you about is “The E Bike Grin”. The feeling generated riding an e bike which involuntarily produces a smile from ear to ear. I’m not sure exactly what part of the experience produces this. It could be the superhuman feeling when pedalling with the increased power coming out of the bike, the ease at which you can glide up hills or the increased energy and confidence the e bike somehow makes you feel.  The only way to really understand it is to try one.The e bike grin, Batribike Omega - Powerbikes


Enjoyable Exercise

Back to the original point I was making. The key to success when trying to get fitter is finding an enjoyable form of exercise. Whatever diet you choose it should go hand in hand with regular exercise. Studies like one in the Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation & Prevention (Nov/Dec, 2007) show that regular exercise helps alleviate mild depression and anxiety. Riding an electric bike helps release endorphins, which create feelings of happiness and euphoria [2]. E-biking is one of the few things that really makes you want to go out more and more. Myself, my partner, my customers and everyone I have spoken to who owns an e bike believe that it has made them want to get out more and more. You find you can’t wait to get out on it again. How many forms of exercise actually make you want to do it again?



Having a little assistance on your bike really pays dividends on the rider’s confidence. Even the most novice or wary cyclists soon find their confidence grow. The little boost when pulling off helps give you assurance you will stay upright. Quick and easy acceleration also helps build confidence for road use. Easily and safely accelerating away from junctions.


Transportation, Exercise and Fun

A bonus to electric bikes is they double up as a means of transport. If you can replace just one car journey a week with an e bike then you are not only getting more exercise but also helping reduce your carbon footprint. Commuting by e bike is becoming increasingly popular. Arrive at work ahead of the traffic and without the need for a shower as with traditional cycling…and getting your daily dose of exercise!


Test Ride

To see for yourself the benefits and fun of an e-bike, come visit us for a test ride.


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