Free E Bike Trial

Words by Richard - Powerbikes

on 10/04/2019 15:55:26


Your New Commute – Free E Bike Trial!

Have you ever sat in your car and wondered what is holding up the traffic? Bit of a silly question really as I’m pretty sure this has happened to everyone who drives. If this happens during your commute it is especially frustrating. More cars on the road means more congestion and longer journey times. Then there is the problem of parking when you get there.

Wouldn’t it be nice to sail past the traffic, get a bit of exercise, arrive in a good mood, save a few quid and have priority parking?

Cycling is a good option. But for many they are put off cycling to work. This could be down to any number of reasons. Journey too long, not fit enough, don’t want to arrive looking like a sweaty beetroot or maybe they just don’t like lycra?

There is another option.


The E Bike

An E Bike can make it possible to extend the distance you can comfortably cycle. Bridge the gap of fitness and ability making it possible to cycle to work and you can adjust the amount of assistance the bike gives you meaning you can arrive fresh and not needing a shower before you start. Lycra is optional.

All this while beating the traffic either by filtering through or using cycle paths. Getting a little exercise*, releasing endorphins, arriving in a happy mood and saving money on fuel! Oh, and getting a nice convenient place to park your bike. (Some people even take them into the office!)

*(Before anyone says, no it’s not cheating, it’s commuting! Besides, who is getting more exercise. The person in the car or on the e-bike? More info on getting fit with an e-bike here)

Sound too good to be true? Don’t just take my word for it.

Free E Bike Trial

Powerbikes will supply an E Bike to anyone who would like to try it, for free, for 24 hours.

What’s the catch?

Well, there isn’t one. We treat it as a hire agreement. You are still liable for loss or damages and we will take a small deposit when you collect the bike. This can either be refunded upon the return of the e-bike or can be used towards the purchase of a new e bike!

We will even supply you with a helmet and bike lock.

This offer is currently only available to people in the West Cumbria area (OK, that’s the only catch).

If you want to beat that Sellafield Traffic give us a call on 01946 690900 to arrange your free E-Bike trial or pop into our store at Unit 8b, Sneckyeat Road Industrial Estate, Whitehaven, CA28 8PF

(We’re on the right-hand side of the estate, closest to the hospital)

E-Bikes will be loaned on a first come first served basis. Contact us to book yours now!

Cycle Scheme

Wanting to purchase an e-bike through your employers Cycle Scheme? Powerbikes can help. We are a member of The Green Commute Initiative, PROC2W, Cycleplus, bike2work and

If your employer isn’t part of any cycle scheme and wants to start one then we can still help set up a cycle scheme with minimal admin and paperwork. Contact us for more details.