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New Raleigh Motus, Centros & Array

Richard - Powerbikes | 18/05/2019 12:45:31

We’ve been quite excited here at Powerbikes since we first heard about the possible release of a new Motus range. So when Raleigh invited us over to their Headquarters for a preview, we jumped at the chance! We were sworn to secrecy, not allowed to post, talk, tweet or even send smoke signals about the new E-Bikes before Raleigh officially.... More

Sustainable Transport

Richard - Powerbikes | 10/05/2019 13:59:53

Sustainable Transport is something we are passionate about here at Powerbikes and something we are actively encouraging. There is no doubt by now you will have seen an article about “Going Green” or Electric Vehicles being the future. We are now encouraged at every turn to reduce our carbon footprint. And with good reason!  I’m not going to go into.... More

Free E Bike Trial

Richard - Powerbikes | 10/04/2019 15:55:26

Your New Commute – Free E Bike Trial! Have you ever sat in your car and wondered what is holding up the traffic? Bit of a silly question really as I’m pretty sure this has happened to everyone who drives. If this happens during your commute it is especially frustrating. More cars on the road means more.... More