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E-Bikes Under £800

Test Ride our Electric Bikes

Come try for yourself at Powerbikes, Unit 8b, Sneckyeat Road Industrial Estate, Whitehaven, Cumbria, CA28 8PF

Test Electric Bikes Powerbikes Whitehaven We have plenty of space for testing e-bikes away from the traffic; on quiet on or off road routes nearby, or you can get muddy on one of our more extreme electric mountain bikes. Have a chat with our friendly staff, try out as many e bikes as you like and we can help find the best electric bike for you.

If you come on your old bike we will wash it and lube the chain for FREE while you are out on a test ride.

Diamondback Lux and Ranger. Get an old Bike Washed when you test ride an e-bike

BYOB – Bring Your Old Bike

Free bike wash and chain lube while you test ride at Powerbikes.

Free E Bike Trial

Your New Commute – Free E Bike Trial!   Have you ever sat in your car and wondered what is holding up the traffic? Bit of a silly question really as I’m pretty sure this has happened to everyone who drives. If this happens during your commute it is especially frustrating. More cars on the road means more congestion and longer journey times. Then there is the problem of parking when you get there. Wouldn’t it be nice to sail past the traffic, get a bit of exercise, arrive in a good mood, save a few quid and have priority parking? Cycling is a good option. But for many they are put off cycling to work. This could be down to any number of reasons. Journey too long, not fit enough, don’t want to arrive looking like a sweaty beetroot or maybe they just don’t like lycra? There is another option.   The E Bike An E Bike can make it possible to extend the distance you can comfortably cycle. Bridge the gap of fitness and ability making it possible to cycle to work and you can adjust the amount of assistance the bike gives you meaning you can arrive fresh and not needing a shower before you start. Lycra is optional. All this while beating the traffic either by filtering through or using cycle paths. Getting a little [...]

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E-Mail info@powerbikes.uk

Tel: 01946 690900

Unit 8b,
Sneckyeat Road Industrial Estate,
CA28 8PF

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